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Weekly Rune Guidance: October 25

· Perthro, Eihwaz, Wunjo ·

Rune divination reading for October 25th shows three card spread with Perthro, Eihwaz, and Wunjo.

A simple three-card rune reading to see what’s in store for the week of October 25th.

Want to do your own readings at home? Pick up a rune deck and start learning! 


Perthro represents fate – but not in the modern sense of predetermination. The Norse idea of fate is more akin to what you’d think of as Karma. The sum of our past actions has created our current situation.

Perthro reminds us that where we are is a direct result of the choices we have made, which means that where we go from here is also in our own hands.


Eihwaz represents the yew – a tree of life and death. Yet this death is not final, it is a transition. A gateway through which we must pass to birth something new.

As with any new life, it requires sacrifice. The leaving behind of something old to make space for what is to come.


Wunjo represents joy and harmonious action. When all aspects of our being are working together and in alignment with our goals, we will grow and prosper.

If something is out of alignment, it creates a blockage that prevents us from fulfilling our desires.


Accept where you are right now, the past cannot be changed. Instead of dwelling on it, consider what you can release and let go of in order to move forward.

Take control of where you go from here. What actions or thoughts are holding you back from where you want to be?

Andrea Shelley

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