Futhark Runes: Symbols and Meanings

When you think of the word rune it may bring up images of magic scrolls, Tolkein and elven warriors. However, runes are not just the stuff of fantasy stories. They date back thousands of years – found in large numbers on ancient rock carvings of Scandinavia.

It’s a common misconception that runes are just letters – an alphabet from another language. While it’s true that Futhark is an old Germanic alphabet, it’s so much more than that.

The meaning of rune is “secret” or “mysterium”; each symbol has a deeper meaning above and beyond the sound it makes in language. A meaning that was traditionally held as a secret holy concept, “a formless and timeless idea”.

It is said that Odin received the mystery of the runes after hanging from Yggdrasil, the world tree, for nine days and nine nights. After sacrificing of himself, he was able to extract the wisdom of the runes. He then shared this gift with the rune vitki – sorcerers and magicians who used the power of the runes for divination and spellcasting.

Amethyst rune stones on leather

After researching rune lore, I felt a connection to the ancient concepts, a link to my ancestry. I wanted to take this gift from Odin, the meanings of the runes and the power they encompass, and create a way to carry those symbols close to me. So I started making Futhark rune jewelry.

Right now the Lína collection is comprised of eight runes. While I hope to add more in future, I couldn’t manage 24 designs right from the get-go so I chose those that spoke to me the most.

Below are the images and meanings of the available runes. If there’s a specific rune you think I should add, leave it in the comments below.

Futhark rune Algiz Luck

Algiz – Luck

Algiz is for those who need guidance around life’s pitfalls. This rune has a protective spirit that helps sway you toward your true path – strengthening your hamingja (power and luck) and life force.

Futhark Rune Dagaz Inspiration

Dagaz – Inspiration

Dagaz is the day – the light of the gods and divine inspiration. Use this rune to fill your life with warmth and illumination. Flashes of insight will appear as you learn to enjoy the simple beauty of existence.

Futhark rune Fehu Abundance

Fehu – Abundance

Fuhu’s raw expansive energy attracts abundance into your life. Use this rune to fulfil your ambitions, amass prosperity, and luck. Focus its energies where you wish to achieve the most success in your life.

Futhark Rune Ingwaz Fertility

Ingwaz – Fertility

Igwaz offers strength and patience – helping you to gather energy so it can be transformed through you. Its fertile powers are used literally, as in childbirth, or to support you in the realization of your creative endeavours.

Futhark Rune Laguz Flow

Laguz – Flow

Laguz represents the life giving force of water. Use this rune to remain open to its guiding current through difficult growth and flow through transitional life events with ease.

Futhark Rune Mannaz Balance

Mannaz – Balance

Mannaz is the power of intelligence, rational thought, and tradition. Use this rune to achieve balance, increase your emotional perception, and unlock your hugauga – the “mind’s eye”.

Futhark Rune Thurisaz Defense

Thurisaz – Defense

Thurisaz lets you harness the lightning and thunder of Thor’s hammer. Use this rune to break down emotional barriers that are holding you back and make room for new beginnings.

Futhark Rune Uruz Health

Uruz – Health

Uruz is the mother of manifestation – a shaping power that defines the origin and destiny of all things. Use this rune to strengthen your mental and physical health and manifest your destiny.


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    christine mustow

    November 4, 2019

    please what is x

    • Reply

      Andrea Shelley

      November 7, 2019

      The Futhark symbol that looks like an X is called Gebo.

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