modern life is hectic

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You rush from one thing to another, your mind is always focused forward to what’s next, where you want to go, never realizing or appreciating where you are right now. You want to find a way to slow down and stop rushing through life. To stop acquiring and start appreciating. To stop doing and start being.

Through jewelry, I’ve found a way to create a daily ritual that helps me appreciate my past, check in with the present and set intentions for my future. I choose each piece of jewelry  purposefully, and as I put it on my body, I acknowledge my connection with the item and remember how it makes me feel.

Wearing my mother’s watch helps me feel like I carry a piece of her with me every day. The necklace I made for my wedding day brings me back to special moments with my husband. I even wear designs I made that did not work out – a reminder that failure is okay as long as I keep going.

The emotions tied to these pieces are a part of my deeper self and I can connect with that every single day.

This practice is deeply calming and helps to centre me before I start my day. When I feel the craziness of life getting in the way, I take a moment to stop and touch each piece of jewelry, reinforcing my core values, my me-ness.

All because I chose my jewelry collection intentionally and learned to slow my thought process and take the time to appreciate each piece daily.


I was not always this connected to my emotions.

I used to stifle, bottle up and conform. It wasn’t until I started breaking down a lot of inner barriers that I truly began to appreciate the rawness and beauty of feeling that everyday life holds. It’s taken me even longer to translate those energies into something positive: jewelry that can help you find your centre and connect with your own deeper self.

Every person is unique, but at our very core we are the same, connected by our base needs and emotions. My designs come from the core pieces of myself – soul experiences – that can resonate with your own core emotions. All you have to do is open yourself to their energy. 

I can help!

If you have a big idea, or need guidance to find your unique voice, I would love to help. I make each and every design with purpose and intention and I know you’ll be happy with the final product. Browse the items in my shop, or take a minute to send me a message about how I can help bring your ideas to life.

Join the Inner Circle

Learn how to use jewelry to help you live a better life.
I'll take you through the science of how your brain works and explain why you should be using jewelry as a tool for becoming your best self.

Join the inner circle

Jewelry can help you live a better life!

I’ll take you through the science step-by-step. Learn how your brain works and why jewelry could be the missing link to becoming your best self.