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Hi! I'm Andrea

I create powerful, meaningful jewelry that you can connect with and enjoy each day.

My mission is to provide heirloom quality jewelry that celebrates the magic of nature and ancient symbols, while promoting environmental responsibility for a brighter future.

I believe that jewelry, when worn purposefully, can have transformative powers. My pieces go beyond decoration to help connect you to your inner self and focus your energies to your greatest strengths.

What Will You Carry With You?

Whether or not we’re aware of it, we all have stories we carry with us. Self-doubt caused by past failures, anxiety about the world around us, overwhelm and lack of direction. But you have the power to choose what to focus on and what to leave behind.

Jewelry can be used as a tool to help focus your energy on what you want to achieve and leave all the negativity behind you.

It’s time to create your own story.

Where to start...

My work focuses on symbols that are rooted in nature and history.

My rune jewelry uses an ancient alphabet that transcends language, referencing legends that have guided people to live healthier, happier lives for centuries.

The botanical series stands to remind you of the healing power of nature and how we are all interconnected.

And for those who seek something truly one of a kind, I create custom jewelry designs that encompass your story and personality.

Unsure which jewelry piece is right for you?

Start by taking the quiz to get recommendations based on your personality type, or you can shop by meaning to find a design that fits your purpose.

Achieve Your Goals
Manifest Your Dreams
Find Love and Acceptance
Be Your Best Self
Break through Negativity and Self-Doubt

How I became a Jewelry Designer

From a very early age, I knew that I wanted to do something creative with my life.

I’ve just always been a maker. My earliest memories include feeling the pure joy of creating; turning random objects into something I found beautiful and fun. Often, these items served absolutely no purpose other than to make me happy, and my happiness radiated from every piece I created.

As an adult, I attended the University of Manitoba and received a bachelor’s degree in Fine arts with a major in sculpture. While bronze sculpture satisfied my need to work with my hands, I felt that something was missing.

I was consumed by the idea of making something that could be carried with me, tucked into a pocket, a treasure.

A secret.

Eventually, I found my way into jewelry.

From the second I picked up a jewelry torch, I was hooked. So, I left Winnipeg to attend the École de Joaillerie de Montréal.

When I started making jewelry, something inside of me just said “this is it. This is what I’m meant to do.”

It was like the final piece of the puzzle being dropped into place.

I started Andrea Shelley Designs in 2018 so that I could share my love of creating beautiful jewelry with others.

Now I work out of my home studio in the Ottawa region, shipping my tiny treasures all over the world.

My Values

Everything is interconnected – I strive to promote harmony and balance through my actions and products.

To keep myself pointed in the right direction, I use these three simple rules: