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Weekly Rune Guidance: November 22

· Naudhiz, Isa, Tiwaz ·

Rune divination reading for November 22 shows three cards: Naudhiz, Isa, Tiwaz

A simple three-card rune reading to see what’s in store for the week of November 22nd.

Want to do your own readings at home? Pick up a rune deck and start learning! 


Naudhiz represents need – distress and struggle but also coming through it. Thorsson describes it as the “stepping-forth-into-manifestation”

It is a prompt to face issues we may be ignoring.


Isa represents ice. A frozen stillness that descends upon the world, preventing change and growth.

Isa can be both external and internal – representing our own resistance to change: our ingrained patterns and old habits running deep within.


Tiwaz represents the god Tyr who sacrificed his hand to the great wolf Fenrir in order to save the Aesir.

The story teaches us that “opposition must be faced squarely and with courage” (Mountfort).


Naudhiz tells us that there is something you have been ignoring – a deep need that is holding you back.

Isa holds you in your place, preventing any progress. Use this time of stillness to explore the needs you have been neglecting and prepare yourself to move forward with courage when the ice thaws.

Tiwaz reminds you to honour your promises – both to yourself and others. Find your inner warrior and remember that no achievements are possible without sacrifice.

Andrea Shelley

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