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Weekly Rune Guidance: November 15

· Berkano, Uruz, Raidho ·

Rune divination reading for November 15 shows three cards: Berkano, Uruz, and Raidho

A simple three-card rune reading to see what’s in store for the week of November 15th.

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Berkano is the birch goddess, reigning over life’s important transitions: birth, adolescence, marriage, and death. Each of these phases is unique and brings its own challenges and celebrations.

Berkano is a reminder that every ending brings a new beginning. New growth must be nurtured so that it will grow strong.


Uruz is the forming force of the universe, the shaping power that creates all things. It represents the manifestation of our destiny through overcoming challenging obstacles.

Uruz is the bringer of fortunate circumstances, healing energy and creativity.


Raidho is a journey, and the power that keeps us moving forward towards our chosen destination. According to Thorsson, Raidho is the “channeling of force according to natural laws along the right road leading to the right result.”

Raidho is the conscious decision to achieve something, and the discipline to carry it out. The rhythm found when your forward movement is in harmony with your purpose.


You are transitioning into a different phase of life – it could be a new mindset or a budding project. Clear away any old, stagnant habits and ideas that are no longer needed to make room for fresh growth.

There will be challenges involved, as with any great life change, but face your fears and you’ll be carried through. Progress can’t be forced, so find the balance between pushing too hard and hanging back from fear or indecisiveness.

Choose your path and move forward confidently, finding your rhythm with the universe.

Andrea Shelley

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