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Weekly Rune Guidance: February 7th

· Ehwaz, Ingwaz, Dagaz ·

Rune reading February 7 shows three cards Ehwaz, Ingwaz, and Dagaz.

A simple three-card rune reading to see what’s in store for the week of February 7th.

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Ehwaz represents two horses, or a horse and rider: multiple forces working in partnership to create movement and forward progress.

If two horses are pulling a wagon in different directions, neither will get very far.


Ingwaz represents potential energy. A seed tucked away in fertile soil, waiting for the right time to sprout.

Remember that some things take longer than others and growth can’t be forced.


Dagaz is the day, specifically the cataclysmic change that occurs at dawn and twilight. When two extremes (the darkness and the light) become one.

This represents the beginning of a new cycle.


You might have found yourself feeling pulled in multiple directions near the end of last year. When we’re stretched too thin we often go into survival mode, just managing the day-to-day until things ease up.

The start of a new cycle means that now is a great time to reflect and reprioritize.

Maybe there’s a project you left on the back burner that is now ready to come to fruition.

Andrea Shelley

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    April 25, 2023

    if you choose to interpret the Ehwaz, Ingwaz, and Dagaz runes in this way, it could suggest that the upcoming week may bring opportunities for growth and progress through collaboration with others. It’s important to exercise patience and allow things to develop naturally, rather than trying to force outcomes. Embracing change and being open to new possibilities may lead to transformative experiences. It’s always important to remember that you have agency in your own life and can make choices that shape your experiences.

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    April 14, 2023

    The Ehwaz rune suggests that there may be a need to work with others to make progress in the upcoming week. Collaboration and partnership may be key to succes.The Ingwaz rune indicates a period of waiting and potential growth. It’s important to be patient and allow things to develop naturally.Finally, the Dagaz rune signifies a significant change or transformation. This could be a positive shift, but it’s important to be open to new possibilities and embrace the changes that may come.
    Overall, this reading suggests that working with others and being patient may lead to a transformative experience in the upcoming week.

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      Andrea Shelley

      April 17, 2023

      That’s an interesting interpretation. Thanks for sharing!

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