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Weekly Rune Guidance: February 28th

· Ansuz, Berkano, Isa ·

Weekly rune reading shows three cards: Ansuz, Berkano, and Isa

A simple three-card rune reading to see what’s in store for the week of February 28th.

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Ansuz is linked to Odin and the ancestral gods. It represents two of the gifts given to primal man by the gods: önd (breath), and ódhr (mental activity).

It is the rune of communication and the spoken word. A reminder to take a deep breath before speaking and to listen as much as we talk.


Berkano is the birch goddess, reigning over life’s important transitions: birth, adolescence, marriage, and death. Each of these phases is unique and brings its own challenges and celebrations.

Berkano is a reminder that every ending brings a new beginning. New growth must be nurtured so that it will grow strong.


Isa represents ice. A frozen stillness that descends upon the world, preventing change and growth.

Isa can be both external and internal – representing our own resistance to change: our ingrained patterns and old habits running deep within.


Something is causing resistance and stagnating growth. We need to shake things up a bit to break through the ice.

Sometimes when we’re going along the same way for so long we get in a rut and aren’t able to see any other way. When something blocks the usual path, we feel stuck rather than challenged.


Take the forced pause this week as a gift, a chance to sit in stillness and contemplation. Spend the time listening – to the people around you and the universe. Maybe there’s a breakthrough there that will open up a new path for you.

Let’s start a conversation!

Drop your breakthroughs from this week in the comments.

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