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Weekly Rune Guidance: December 20

· Gebo, Berkano, Eihwaz ·

Rune reading for December 20 2021 shows three cards: Gebo, Berkano, and Eihwaz

A simple three-card rune reading to see what’s in store for the week of December 20th.

Want to do your own readings at home? Pick up a rune deck and start learning! 


Gebo represents a gift or an exchange. It is “the giver, the giving, the given, and that which is given to.” (Thorrson).

Giving is an energy that joins people together. Just as fire kindles fire, the act of giving breeds gratitude, which in turn creates more giving.

It’s a cycle, as important as it is to learn to give without expectations, so we must learn to receive graciously.


Berkano is the birch goddess, reigning over life’s important transitions: birth, adolescence, marriage, and death. Each of these phases is unique and brings its own challenges and celebrations.

Berkano is a reminder that every ending brings a new beginning. New growth must be nurtured so that it will grow strong.


Eihwaz represents the yew – a tree of life and death. Yet this death is not final, it is a transition. A gateway through which we must pass to birth something new.

As with any new life, it requires sacrifice. The leaving behind of something old to make space for what is to come.


We are in a place of transition. Tomorrow is the winter solstice, the turning point between the dark and light halves of the year. Energy may feel pretty low right now but the return of the light is coming and a new beginning is on the horizon.

As you gather with friends and family this holiday, leave your expectations behind.

It can be incredibly difficult not to be disappointed or hurt by others’ actions. Remember that everyone is coming into the mix having fought different battles over the past year. Try not to take negative actions personally and rather focus on the light.

Give from the heart, but practice recognizing when you’ve given enough.

When you feel like you’re tapped out, it’s okay to walk away. If the same person is constantly sapping your energy, put up some boundaries and spend your gifts elsewhere.

Andrea Shelley

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