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Weekly Rune Guidance: December 13

· Jera, Perthro, Othala ·

Rune reading for December 13 2021 shows three cards: Jera, Perthro, and Othala

A simple three-card rune reading to see what’s in store for the week of December 13th.

Want to do your own readings at home? Pick up a rune deck and start learning! 


Jera represents the cycle of the year, or more specifically, the turning over of a new cycle. The end of the longest night and the slow returning of the light.

A more gentle change than Dagaz (which represents the daily cycle), Jera signals a reward for past actions. It is time to reap what we have sown.


Perthro represents fate – but not in the modern sense of predetermination. The Norse idea of fate is more akin to what you’d think of as Karma. The sum of our past actions has created our current situation.

Perthro reminds us that where we are is a direct result of the choices we have made, which means that where we go from here is also in our own hands.


Othala is our birthright. It represents all the material and spiritual goods that we were each born into. These are the building blocks that we have to work with in life.

Othala is also a connection to the past, an inheritance. Our home, sense of belonging, and community.


As we near the end of the year, it’s good to take time to reflect on all you have accomplished so far. Every action has brought you to the place you’re in right now.

Are you happy with where you’re at? Where do you want to go from here?

Life is a journey. It’s about progress and forward movement. But, while you’re constantly evolving and growing, don’t forget to acknowledge where you came from.

Take time to appreciate all the people who have helped you along the way. The holidays are the perfect time to reach out and strengthen those relationships.

Andrea Shelley

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