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The Transformative Power of Divorce Jewelry

Photo of two wedding bands on a dictionary showing the definition of divorce.

As you stood at the altar, gazing into your partner’s eyes, you probably pictured your marriage lasting forever. Or maybe you didn’t, like one of my clients who said “I knew from the second I said ‘I do’ that I had made a mistake.”

Either way, we don’t plan on divorce, but, according to the stats, it happens to approximately half of us. So, once the paperwork is signed and the dust has settled, what do you do with your wedding rings?

These rings, once a symbol of love and devotion, might now only remind you of the sadness and disappointment you felt at the end. While you may have the urge to hurl your rings into the ocean, I’m here to offer you an alternative: divorce jewelry.

What is Divorce Jewelry?

Divorce jewelry is any jewelry made to honour the end of a marriage. While it may seem a bit odd to commemorate a divorce, it’s less about the breakup and more about the transformation and new life that comes after.

Divorce jewelry is a powerful symbol of reclaiming your identity and embracing your newfound freedom. It serves as a reminder of your strength and resilience as you navigate the difficult journey of moving on. No matter how amicable it may be, divorce is always messy. If you’ve made your way through the wreckage, that definitely deserves to be celebrated.

While there are many ready-made options available (see my list of favs below), you can also repurpose your old wedding rings to create something new. By recycling your old jewelry, you’re changing the narrative of “failure” and instead turning those rings into a beacon of hope for this new phase in your life. Redesigning your old rings into a new piece of jewelry is a beautiful way to honour your past and all that you’ve been through while creating excitement for everything that is yet to come.

The process of transforming your wedding or engagement ring into something new can also provide you with a feeling of closure, allowing you to move on with an open heart.

Ready Made Divorce Jewelry

While none of the jewelry below is exclusively for divorce, each piece represents a part of the healing journey and can serve as a tangible representation of this new chapter in your life.

1. Birch Necklace: Healing & Renewal

After a wildfire has devastated the forest, the birch tree is the first to re-emerge as a white glimmer of hope among the ashes. Her ethereal bark is used to heal wounds and ease burns.

Wear this token as a reminder that hope overcomes all adversities. Today is a time of growth and new beginnings. Ground your roots deeply and you will flourish.

2. Evil Eye Ring: Find the LIght in the Dark

Wearing the evil eye symbol can not only offer protection from negative energy but act as a powerful reminder to always look for the light within the darkness. Too easily we can get bogged down by focusing on the things happening TO us rather than how we are in control of the way we react. Keeping this evil eye ring with you as a reminder is a helpful form of redirection, focusing your mind and energies toward the good.

To enhance the power of the evil eye is the unbreakable nature of diamond, helping you to stay strong through any adversities. Wear this stone to amplify your energies, radiating strength, courage, and positivity.

3. Web of Wyrd Pendant: Infinite Possibility

You’re at a crossroads in your life and, while the idea of the unkown may feel scary, you always have the power to choose which way to go. Rather than focusing on which way is “right” or “wrong”, see each each choice you make as creating more possibilities. No single action can define your life, and it is how we recover from our mistakes that makes us who we are.

4. Keshi Pearl Necklace: Resilience

A pearl is the beautiful result of an oyster’s response to stress. An irritating piece of grit coated in layer after layer of nacre until it can no longer harm its host.

Just like its nacre protects the oyster, pearl calms and soothes negative emotions bringing positive, uplifting feelings.

Wear this pearl necklace as a beacon of light during difficult times, illuminating the true self to rise above misfortunes.

Custom Divorce Jewelry

Divorce jewelry is not just a symbol of strength and resilience, but can also be an opportunity to personalize your journey and reflect your unique story. By choosing a custom design, you can create a piece that truly represents your individual experiences and emotions.

While most of my clients have chosen to create a custom divorce ring, your old jewelry can also be remodeled into a pendant or a pair of earrings. Really, the possibilities are endless.

How Does It Work?

Similar to my usual custom design process, it all starts with a one-on-one consultation. During this virtual appointment, you’ll have a chance to tell me exactly what you want your divorce jewelry to symbolize and what your style is.

If you’re local to Ottawa or Montreal, this virtual chat is followed up by an in person meeting. If you’re planning on recycling your wedding rings, I’ll bring my gold and diamond testers so we can discuss possibilities based on the materials we have to work with. For those living outside of this area, we can discuss other options during the initial consult.

Next up, I’ll present you with two or three designs to choose from. You can pick your favourite and offer feedback for tweaks and changes.

Once the design is just right, I’ll get to work on building your custom divorce jewelry. I use a combination of modern computer aided design and traditional metalsmithing techniques to create your one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. I know that the hardest part of the process is waiting for your new jewelry so I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the progress along the way.

After about six weeks, you’ll have a piece of jewelry that has been uniquely designed to reflect your personal story, making it a deeply personal and meaningful keepsake. Built to last a lifetime, you can wear your divorce jewelry every day to celebrate your independence and start your journey toward creating a new future.


Whenever you’re ready! Some people are ready as soon as the paperwork is signed, while others need time to reflect and decide what they’d like to do. One of my clients came to me after 11 years! Everyone’s divorce journey is unique and there’s no “correct” time other then when it feels right for you.

When it comes to wearing your divorce ring, there are no set rules. It’s all about what makes you feel happiest and most comfortable.

If you miss wearing your wedding rings, you could choose to wear your divorce ring in place of your wedding band, on the fourth finger of your left hand.

Alternatively, you may prefer to wear your divorce rings on your middle finger to avoid any confusion with a wedding band, or opt for the ring finger of your right hand to free up your left hand.

Ultimately, the decision is yours – find the style that works for you!


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    lawyer sonia

    March 7, 2024

    Such a refreshing perspective on divorce! Embracing the transformative journey with jewelry is truly empowering and symbolic of newfound strength and resilience. A beautiful way to celebrate personal growth and move forward.

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    This is quite brilliant. Yes, I came upon your site by searching for ‘What ring finger for divorce?” It’s a thing. Who knew?

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