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Divorce Rings: A Passing Trend or a New Tradition?

Are divorce rings a trend or a new tradition?

Recently, I’ve received more requests for a certain type of ring: the divorce ring. Unlike a traditional wedding ring that symbolize unity and lifelong commitment, divorce rings mark the conclusion of a marriage.

While they’ve been around longer than you think, it wasn’t until an Instagram post from model Emily Ratajkowski went viral that divorce rings really went mainstream. In the video, Ratajkowski shows off two rings that she had made from her engagement ring after getting divorced. She talks about how, for her, the jewelry is also about breaking the idea that divorce is synonymous with failure.

After the video went viral, several news outlets picked up the story and I was asked to chat with Jason Osler of CBC radio for his feature about this new trend. As a jeweler who has been making divorce jewelry for years, he was interested to hear the stories of my clients who choose to invest in these custom ring designs.

With almost half of marriages ending in a split, I don’t think divorce rings are a passing fad. I believe that jewelry can help you transition through many difficult times in life – including divorce. So, this ‘trend’ is here to stay.

What is a divorce ring?

A divorce ring is a piece that you wear after your divorce to signify this new phase in your life. Some people choose to wear this on the same finger as their wedding ring while others opt to wear it on another finger or the right hand. Designs range from reimagined wedding bands to entirely new pieces that incorporate elements reflective of your past love and love for yourself.

My clients often incorporate symbols to show their personal growth, closure, and new beginnings. Unlike wedding rings, which represent the promise of forever, divorce rings are a personal acknowledgment of change and resilience. They reflect your journey through hardship and the celebration of reclaiming your independence.

The concept may sound modern, but the idea of marking the end of a marriage with a symbolic item has deep cultural roots. It just has not always been in the form of jewelry. Today, public figures and celebrities have popularized this trend by publicly embracing their own divorce jewelry, signaling its acceptance into mainstream culture.

Similar to divorce parties or celebratory trips, divorce rings are part of a broader trend celebrating new beginnings. The goal is often to emphasize self-care and personal fulfillment after a significant life change and my clients have said they find it helps them move forward with confidence and positivity.

The demand for special rings that mark new beginnings is growing and I’m proud to be at the forefront of this movement. I’ve done many custom divorce ring designs that transform old wedding bands into newly meaningful pieces. For my clients, they symbolize a fresh start and help support personal growth as they go forward in life.

Similar to my other work, I aim to make pieces that are more than just jewelry. I help my clients to build a piece that is a statement of identity and personal strength. The concept of marriage continues to transform, and so does the symbolism associated with its dissolution. I hope that divorce jewelry will become an accepted new tradition, offering a way for people to embrace and celebrate their single status.

No longer seen as a failure, divorce should be viewed as an opportunity for personal rediscovery and renewal.

Divorce Ring Examples

The most powerful way to illustrate the impact of these special rings is by sharing the stories they represent. Each piece tells a unique tale of transformation and new beginnings.

A Family ring for P

The ring I made for P was unique in that she wanted a divorce ring that was also a family ring to represent her blended family. She and her new partner both had children from their previous marriages and she wanted to honor their past while still showing that they were now even stronger together.

I used diamonds to represent each member of the family. Larger diamonds for the couple and smaller for their children. Each side of the ring shows one partner with their children and they are all tied together by the band in the middle – made of rose gold, to symbolize their connection and happiness together – “La vie en Rose”.

A botanical cocktail ring for M

The theme of M’s ring was growth. Often, after a divorce there is a sense of loss or emptiness. But that emptiness also gives you space to grow, to branch out and find yourself all over again.

For this ring, I kept the central design of the engagement ring with the round diamond and halo, but wrapped it in leafy vines. The vines grow outward from the centre, taking up space and finding new paths.

This ring is a reminder that, while you can’t change the past, you decide where you go next.

A belated celebration for J

J waited a really long time before coming to me. She had stored her ring in a drawer for more than 10 years, but finally felt ready to bring it out for a redesign. Her daughter was going off to college in the fall and she was ready for a fresh start.

She had seen P’s ring on Instagram and wanted something in a similar style, but where the diamond from her engagement ring was the focal point. This ring represents past, present, and future – all the possibilities of what could be. Because that’s what a fresh start is – possibility.

A fresh style for S

This project was unique because we made not one divorce ring but three! S was unsure of her own style because all of the jewelry in her collection had been gifts from her husband. She wore them but she shared that they never really felt like her. She had lost a bit of her own identity in marriage and wanted to reclaim that piece of herself.

I wanted to give her options that could be combined together or worn separately, and mixed with other pieces as well to create her own look. Rather than seeing it as a singular piece of jewelry, this was the beginning of a whole new jewelry collection that represents her style and the things that she loves to wear.

What are your thoughts on divorce rings? Do you see them as a positive way to mark a new beginning, or are they just a trend? Share your views in the comments below, and if you’re curious about your own bespoke divorce ring, visit the Custom Jewelry page.

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