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Rune Necklaces: Symbols for Spiritual Jewelry

I’ve been making rune necklaces for several years now and just realized that I’ve never put together a post explaining why I chose these symbols for my spiritual jewelry and how you can use them to enrich your life.

Building a daily ritual around your jewelry can help you be more connected to your goals and stay motivated to reach them. Start your day with intention and carry a reminder of what matters most to you throughout the day.

Read on to find out how.

Table of Contents

The Importance of symbolic or spiritual jewelry.

The use of symbolic jewelry has been traced back to the Paleolithic era and is recorded in many different cultures throughout history.

Symbolic jewelry is used to represent something meaningful to the wearer. It might commemorate a special occasion, honor a loved one, or be a reminder of a goal or aspiration.

As a jewelry maker, I’ve always believed in the spiritual and transformative powers of jewelry.

For me, wearing a rune necklace is a way to tap into the energies of the symbols themselves. I also have daily rituals to create a personal connection with my jewelry so that it acts as a physical embodiment of my intentions.

My connection to the runes

Growing up, I was very close with my Afi (grandpa), whose family immigrated to Canada from Iceland. Though we ate some of the traditional Icelandic foods and my dad wore a Danobus necklace every day, I never took the opportunity to fully explore my heritage until much later in life.

When I started making spiritual jewelry, I researched my dad’s Danobus symbol and discovered a rich culture of magic, mythology, and symbols to draw inspiration from – including the runes.

Elder Futhark runes, also sometimes referred to as viking runes, are a system of 24 symbols that were used as a form of writing and communication by the ancient Norse people. They were used to record information, mark boundaries, and to tell stories.

In addition to their more overt uses, runes were also used for magical purposes, such as divination and casting spells.

This is where it gets interesting: each rune has a meaning beyond the basic phonetic value. So what would be simple letter in our modern writing system, is a powerful symbol with multi-faceted meanings and interpretations.

So, not only are the rune symbols beautiful with their clean lines and simplicity, but there is an entire lore and mythology that make the runes even more special.


Not limited to followers of Norse or other Germanic Pagan paths, the runes can provide comfort and guidance to anyone who needs it.

Why I chose to make rune necklaces

As far back as the Viking Age, runes were seen carved into jewelry including brooches, bracelets, necklaces, and amulets. This rune jewelry was used for decoration and personal adornment, to carry a special meaning, or to signify a connection to an individual’s spiritual journey.

Though the viking runes are over a thousand years old, when I researched and learned more about the meanings of each rune, I realized that the ancient wisdom contained within is still very applicable to modern life.

In a digital age where information is absorbed in 7-second video bites, runes and other old alphabets are a reminder of a time when words were full of mystery and wonder. Future discoveries may come and go, but these timeless symbols will always be a connection to the power and magic of the written word.

By creating rune necklaces, I offer a way to tap into this system of powerful symbols to provide peace and protection, bring good luck and fortune, spark creativity, or even help you to find balance in today’s hectic world.

How to create a ritual with your rune necklace

We all have our daily rituals, whether they’re big or small. From the coffee you make in the morning to the way you organize your desk before you start work, little habits can make a huge impact on our productivity and overall wellbeing.

Wearing spiritual jewelry as part of this daily ritual can help you to stay on track with your goals and keep you motivated to reach them. By setting your intentions each morning and carrying a reminder with you all day, you make sure that the things that matter most to you stay top of mind, no matter what distractions may come up.

Every time you look in the mirror, you see your rune necklace. You can feel it around your neck as you go about your day, and hold it in your hand if you start to waver. It’s a constant, physical reminder of the intentions and goals you set earlier in the day, keeping you focused and directed.

Building a collection of symbolic jewelry that supports you in every facet of your life can empower you to accomplish a great many things and become the best version of yourself.

All you have to do is start.

My Daily Rune Necklace Ritual

The most important parts of building a ritual are intention and repetition. If you commit to setting aside even a few minutes each day to purposefully and mindfully put on your rune necklace, you can make sure you’re starting off each day on the right track.

Every morning, I take a moment to quiet the chatter in my brain and really check in with myself. How does my body feel today? How’s my energy level? Is there anything worrying me or weighing on my mind? Where could I use support today?

This quick and easy daily assessment helps me reduce stress and anxiety. By taking the time to check in on myself and my own wellbeing, I can set out my goals and intentions for the day based on what I need most and what would make the most impact in my life.

Next, I select the rune necklaces and other symbolic jewelry that would be most helpful based on how I’m feeling and what I want to accomplish that day. I put each piece on slowly, taking time to focus on what I’d like each one to help me with or remind me of.

Some days I know I will be super busy so I ask Mannaz to remind me to find moments of rest and pause amongst the madness. Other days I have important meetings so I’ll choose Algiz for luck and Laguz so my communication will flow smoothly without stress or anxiety. And I always wear Danobus to remind me of my family, where I came from, and what I want in my life.

Throughout the day, whenever I lose sight of what I’m supposed to be doing (which, with all of the distractions in life, is often), I take a moment to touch each piece of jewelry and remind myself of the intentions I set out that morning.

Every time I go past a mirror, I see my rune necklaces around my neck and pause to refocus and recenter before I continue with my day.


Taking these moments to connect back to my morning ritual keeps that powerful energy with me all day long.

Shop Rune Necklaces

No matter what spiritual path you follow, the runes can offer solace and direction. Unsure which one to pick? Discover more about the Futhark symbols and their meanings, or browse the shop to find out which symbol best suits your needs.

Andrea Shelley

HI, I'M ANDREA! I create powerful, meaningful jewelry that you can connect with and enjoy each day. I believe that jewelry, when worn purposefully, can have transformative powers. My pieces go beyond decoration to help connect you to your inner self and focus your energies to your greatest strengths. If you're enjoying my content, you can support my page by buying me a coffee so that I can continue to make more content for you.


  1. Reply

    Michael Birbeck

    April 22, 2023

    Hi Andrea,

    I love this article about your rune necklaces and the powerful impact they can have on our daily lives.

    I agree that wearing symbolic or spiritual jewelry can remind us of what matters most and help us focus on our goals.

    Your connection to the runes and the inspiration you draw from them is fascinating.

    It’s incredible that these symbols have existed for over a thousand years and still remain relevant in modern times.

    I appreciate the insight into your daily ritual with your rune necklaces.

    Setting intentions each morning and selecting the right jewelry to support those intentions can be a powerful way to start the day.

    I think your rune necklaces are not only beautiful pieces of jewelry, but they also have the potential to bring peace, protection, and balance to our lives.

    Thank you for sharing your passion for these symbols and the transformative power of jewelry.

  2. Reply


    March 26, 2023

    I have a rune necklace that can be turned so it looks correct to me or to others looking at me…Which way should my rune necklace face so it is most effective?

    • Reply

      Andrea Shelley

      March 27, 2023

      Hi Katherine! For me, I would decide which way to face the necklace based on whether I want the energy of the rune to flow inward or outward. For instance, if it’s a protective rune, maybe you want that energy to flow outward whereas if it’s an abundance rune, you would want that energy to flow towards you.

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