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How To Find Your Ring Size

· 3 Techniques to try at home & Printable Size Chart ·

One of the questions I get asked the most often is “how do I know what my ring size is?”

That’s a tricky thing. Rings aren’t like necklaces or earrings, there is no standard size and it really has to fit well so it doesn’t pinch or fall off and get lost. Each finger on the hand is different and, in fact, ring size will vary between your two hands.

When you buy a ring online, you can’t try it on first. If you’re only guessing at your ring size, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. To make sure your new ring is going to fit you when it arrives, you can go see a local jeweler and have your fingers measured OR you can measure your ring size yourself at home!

“How do I do that?” you might ask…

Luckily, I have a couple of options for you! Aren’t I helpful?

Table of Contents

Method 1: Measure Your Ring Size With a Plastic ring sizer

Finding the perfect ring size doesn’t have to be an impossible task! With this plastic ring sizer, you can easily determine your size in no time. Bonus: it’s reusable so you can size all your fingers and even pass it along to a friend afterward.

All you have to do is adjust the plastic band and slide the sizer onto your finger until you find a size that feels comfortable. I suggest trying a half size up and a half size down as well, to ensure you get the most precise fit. Once you’ve found the right size, the plastic band should fit snugly on your finger, but still be loose enough to slide over your knuckle with ease.

Method 2: Find Your Ring Size Using an Existing Ring

If you can’t wait for a ring sizer to arrive to find out your ring size, my printable ring size guide is the perfect solution. The guide makes it easy to match the size of a ring you already own. It’s also a great method to use if you’re buying a ring as a gift and need to secretly get their ring size.

1. Find a ring that fits the finger you want your new ring to fit (for a gift, borrow a ring from the intended recipient).

2. Place the ring over the circle making sure that the inside of the ring lines up with the outside of the circle. If you are between sizes, order the larger size.

Keep in mind that every finger is different, so make sure to use a ring that fits the same finger as the new ring will be worn on.

Method 3: Measure Your Ring Size With a String

If you don’t have a ring for comparison, my printable guide comes with an easy-to-follow ring size chart that gives you precise diameter measurements and their corresponding ring sizes.

1. First, you’ll need string. Find a piece that’s 6″ long and made of non-stretch material. You can also use a strip of paper.

2. Wrap the string comfortably around the finger where you would like the ring to sit. For most rings that would be the base of the finger – or for midi rings, above the first knuckle. Make sure that the string can slide off your finger without changing the size.

3. Use a pen to mark the exact point where the string overlaps itself.

4. Lay the string on a ruler and measure the length. Divide the length by 3.14 to calculate the diameter. Follow the ring diameter measurements listed below (or shown inside each ring size circle on the printable guide) to figure out which size matches.

Ring Size by Diameter

The ring sizes shown below are American standard sizes. Convert your ring size to other countries.

Diameter Ring Size
14.0 mm. 3
14.4 mm.
14.8 mm. 4
15.2 mm.
15.6 mm. 5
16.0 mm.
16.5 mm. 6
16.9 mm.
17.3 mm. 7
17.7 mm.
18.2 mm. 8
18.6 mm.
19.0 mm. 9
19.4 mm.
19.8 mm. 10
20.2 mm. 10½
20.6 mm. 11
21.0 mm. 11½
21.4 mm. 12
21.8 mm. 12½
22.2 mm. 13
22.6 mm. 13½

If you’d rather skip the math, lay the piece of string or paper along the lines shown at the top of the printable ring chart to find your ring size.

If you’re between sizes, order the larger size.

How to find someone's ring size without them knowing

If you’re planning a surprise gift (or a proposal), finding their ring size without them catching on can be a bit tricky. 

But don’t worry! I have a couple of suggestions on how to secretly find out their ring size.

Number one would be to see if you can borrow a ring they already wear to use as a comparison. Remember that fingers can be different sizes so choose a ring that fits the correct finger. Then use the printable ring guide and the instructions above for finding your ring size with an existing ring (method 2).

The second way is to use a plastic ring sizer and slip it on their finger when they’re asleep. Risky but accurate. Make sure the ring gauge is snug but slides off the finger without a struggle.

The final method is to enlist one of their friends to find out for you. You could have the friend take them to a jewelry store to “just look” at some rings, noting the size as they try them on. Or give the friend a ring sizer to play around with and have them make up a story as to why. If they know the person well, they might be able to come up with something sneaky. This could raise suspicion but it’s an option if you can’t find a ring to measure or they’re a light sleeper.

Other ring sizing tips

To ensure a comfortable fit on a wider band (above 3mm) move up a size.

The sizes listed are standard American sizes. Different countries may use other sizing scales. Use this ring size conversion calculator as a reference. 

The average woman’s ring size is about 6. The average man’s ring size is about 10.

Your dominant hand is usually about a half size larger than your non-dominant hand.

Measure multiple times using different methods to get the most accurate size.

Frequently Asked Ring Sizing Questions

The right ring size will feel comfortable and not pinch. It should sit snugly on the finger – not falling off – but slide over the knuckle without struggle.

Yes! Print out the ring sizing chart, then lay your ring over the circles until you find the one that lines up with the inside of the ring. If you are between sizes, order the larger size.

If you’re planning a surprise gift (or a proposal), finding their ring size without them catching on can be really tricky. Don’t worry, I have a couple of suggestions on how to secretly find out their ring size. Number one would be to see if you can borrow a ring they already wear (reminder that fingers can be different sizes) and use the instructions to find your ring size with an existing ring (method 2 above).

The second way is to use a plastic ring sizer and slip it on their finger when they’re asleep. Risky but accurate. Make sure the ring gauge is snug but slides off the finger without a struggle.

Almost everyone’s ring size will fluctuate throughout the day or with different seasons. Ring size can be affected by temperature, what you’ve eaten (salty foods), and certain activities.

If you’re trying to get the most accurate ring size, measure multiple times using different methods. You’ll get the truest measurement later in the day and when your hands are slightly warm.

If you find that your ring size swings dramatically between seasons there are a couple of things you can do. Since all of your fingers are different sizes, try moving the ring to another finger where it fits properly, then move it back when the seasons change again. Another option is to buy the ring size that fits your finger when it’s the largest, then use a ring guard whenever the ring feels loose.

Nope! Standard ring sizes apply to both men and women – the measurements are the same.

Everyone’s hands are different so I really don’t like to compare sizes. However, a woman’s ring size usually falls between sizes 5 and 9 with an average women’s ring size of 6.

Men’s ring sizes generaly range between 8 and 11 and the average men’s ring size is 10.

I try to make my handcrafted rings available in as wide a size range as possible (with some limitations due to style). If you can’t find a specific ring design in your size, contact me and I will see if there’s a custom option for you.

If you bought a ring from Andrea Shelley and it doesn’t fit, reach out to me as quickly as possible to start the return process. The ring must be unworn, undamaged, and safely stowed in its original packaging.

Customized items (including engraving) are not eligible for return.

If you have a ring that doesn’t fit and you still want to wear it, it’s possible that it can be resized. The option to resize your ring will depend on the materials it’s made of and the design of the ring. Some rings like eternity bands (diamonds all around) or rings with patterned bands can’t be resized because the stones or designs are set to size and would be ruined by a resize.

If you have questions about resizing a specific ring, contact me with a picture of the ring and any other details (material, stone type, current size and size you would need). I’ll take a look and see what can be done.

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How to find your ring size at home.
How to find their ring size without them knowing.

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    Alright great! and what about shipping to UK? Also, do you think these online charts are reliable? Will this work or I should go to a jeweler?

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      I do ship to the UK. Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. Charts can be handy but they’re also tricky because you have to do a very accurate measurement to get the right size. I suggest either a ring sizer or go to a jeweller to be professionally sized.

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    Ring Sizer

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    Thanks for sharing this post! I am looking for the plastic ring sizer that you’ve mentioned here. Can you please confirm the ring size it shows is according to UK because I am not from USA?

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