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How to Cleanse & Charge Your Jewelry and Crystals

· (without ruining them) ·

How to Cleanse and Charge Jewelry or Crystals without ruining them

I’ve seen a lot of different methods for cleansing and charging your crystals and jewelry. Unfortunately, a lot of these practices can be very damaging to your collection.

Instructions to soak them in salt water, leave them out in the sun all day, or anoint them with essential oils – any of these cleansing methods can spell ruin for your precious crystals and jewelry.

As a jewelry maker who focuses on intentional jewelry designs, I know how important it is to be able to ritually cleanse and charge your pieces. So I’ve compiled a list of methods to avoid and some safer alternatives.

* A small note to always do your cleansing ritual before your charging ritual.

How to charge jewelry and crystals with moonlight

Avoid Sunlight, Use Moonlight

Sunlight is a strong energetic force. So strong that it can be very damaging to most crystals. The light and heat can fade the colours, stripping them of their beauty.

Instead, wait until nighttime and charge your crystals and jewelry under the energy of the moon. Each phase of the moon has different energies so you can choose the moon phase that will best suit your intentions.

Place your jewelry indoors in a window that faces the moon, or take everything outside on a tray to place under the moonlight.

If you’re placing your jewelry outside for moon charging, please check the weather first. You don’t want your pieces getting blown away by the wind or soaked in rainwater.

Bring them in before sunrise and enjoy your newly charged jewelry.

How to charge jewelry and crystals with smoke

Avoid Candles, Use incense

Candles are hot (shocking I know). Even if you only pass your jewelry above them, you can cause heat shock to the metals or gemstones. The same is true for crystals.

Smoke from incense or a smoke wand is a safer way to energetically cleanse all of your ritual tools – whether they’re crystals, jewelry, or other ritual objects. Just make sure you only use it after the initial flame has been blown out.

Choose an herb or scent that matches your intention and desired energies. You can even create your own smoke wands by gathering plants and herbs from around where you live, tying them up with twine, and leaving them to dry.

Place all of the objects to be cleansed on a tray and waft the smoke over them, either by moving the incense or smoke wand around the pieces, or by fanning the smoke towards them.

Simple, effective, and IMHO smells great.

How to charge jewelry and crystals with an essential oil diffuser

Avoid undiluted essential oils, use a diffuser

Essential oils are incredibly potent when undiluted. Applying them directly to your jewelry or crystals can cause staining, damage to the surface finish, and irritation to your skin.

If you’re adding essential oils to an aromatherapy jewelry piece, make sure you carefully place a few drops of oil only on the diffuser bead or felt and wash your hands after handling the oil.

For cleansing purposes, I recommend diluting the oils in a diffuser and passing your crystals and jewelry through the stream of aerated mist.

Start with a short meditation, breathing in the aromatherapeutic mist, and focusing on your intention for this cleanse.

Next, pass each item through the mist one at a time, placing them on a clean tray afterward and allowing them some time to dry before wearing or putting away.

How to charge jewelry and crystals with sound

Avoid Water, use Sound

Water is a big no no for a lot of jewelry and many crystals. As a general guide, if the crystal ends in “-ite”, you don’t want to submerge it in water. Plated or coated jewelry can also be damaged by soaking in water.

While some jewelry and water safe crystals can handle short soaks for cleaning purposes, I never recommend leaving your pieces in water more than 20 minutes or so.

And don’t even get me started on saltwater soaking. Absolutely not!

If you want to achieve the same flowing, rhythmic energy of a water cleanse, try cleansing your crystals and jewelry with sound.

You can use a singing bowl, chimes, or even play chants or meditative sounds from your phone.

If using a singing bowl, place the objects you want to charge on a tray near the bowl as you slowly build vibrations by gliding the mallet around the rim of the bowl. Visualize the vibrations flowing out through the bowl into your jewelry or crystals.

If you’re playing sounds through a speaker, hold the objects in your hand as you feel the sounds passing into your body and out through your hands into the jewelry pieces.

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Do you cleanse or charge your jewelry?

Drop a comment below with your favourite method.

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  1. Reply

    David Campbell

    December 1, 2023

    Great insights on cleansing and charging jewelry and crystals safely! ✨💎 Your thorough guide provides valuable tips and practices for maintaining the positive energy of these precious items. Excited to incorporate these rituals into my routine. Thanks for sharing the wisdom! 🌿🔮

  2. Reply


    October 16, 2023

    These are absolutely awesome! such a fantastic guide, love it.

  3. Reply

    Tina from Magickal Spot

    July 30, 2023

    Great tips! I had no idea it was so easy to cleanse and charge my jewelry and crystals, can’t wait to try it out!

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