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February Birthstone: Amethyst

February birthstone amethyst for focus

If February is your month of birth, then you have the privilege of wearing amethyst – a stunning, captivating purple quartz that has enchanted people throughout history. From lilac to deep purple, amethyst can be cut into many shapes and sizes, whether discovered in nature or crafted in a lab.

Once only available to royalty, you can now enjoy the beauty of this February birthstone too. Give a gift of amethyst to the special someone in your life, or treat yourself to a regal present. Not only is it a gorgeous accessory, but amethyst is also believed to represent personal strength and imagination.

In addition to being the birthstone for February, amethyst is also the traditional gemstone for the 6th wedding anniversary and the zodiac stone for Pisces.

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Amethyst Birthstone History

Amethyst gets its name from the ancient Greek amethystos meaning “not drunk” as it was believed that amethyst would protect its owner from intoxication.

Although amethyst is considered to be a semi-precious gemstone today, at times throughout history, this gem was valued just as highly as a diamond.

The deep, regal hue of purple has long been associated with Royalty and the amethyst gemstone was especially prized by the nobility in the Middle Ages. Back then, its rarity made it all the more valuable, but now that more sources of amethyst have been discovered, it’s no longer just for the wealthy and privileged.

Amethyst Birthstone Meaning

Amethyst contains the dual forces of fiery energy and restrained logic.

This stone is able to still the mind and create a sense of mental peace and tranquility where creative thinking thrives.

Used for focus and imagination, amethyst fans the spark of new ideas into flames of passion to bring them to life.

Amethyst birthstone Properties

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz.

The natural process of turning amethyst into its signature purple hue begins during crystal growth, when tiny amounts of iron are incorporated into the quartz. After it has crystallized, gamma rays emitted by radioactive material within the host rock interact with the iron, giving the amethyst its distinctive color.

Amethyst is the ideal gemstone for those seeking beauty, durability, and affordability. Its stunning array of colours, from deep purples to vibrant violets, make it a go-to choice for artisans, jewelers, craftspeople, and consumers alike. Not only is it visually appealing, but its strong structure and reasonable price tag make it a smart choice for any project.

Like the rest of the quartz family, Amethyst has a Mohs hardness of 7 – making it a good choice for most jewelry. If used in a piece that gets a lot of wear, amethyst will eventually lose its shine and will need to be re-faceted and repolished.

Amethyst birthstone Care

Amethysts are very easy to care for. Soaking in a bit of warm, soapy water before brushing with a clean, soft bristled brush, is all that’s needed to keep your amethysts sparkling and beautiful.

For a deeper cleaning, you can use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner but the very high temperatures of a steam cleaner or boiling water should be avoided.

Some amethyst has been heat treated to enhance the colour. This process can cause the stones to become brittle, making them susceptible to chipping, especially at facet points. Take extra care with heat treated amethysts to protect them from sharp blows and falls.

The beautiful purple colour of amethyst will fade with excessive heat or sunlight so avoid leaving your amethyst jewelry out in the sun.

Store your amethyst jewelry in a soft pouch or lined box taking care not to let it rub against harder gemstones such as diamond or ruby.

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