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Canadian Made Bridesmaid Gift Guide 2023

Canadian made bridesmaid gift guide 2023

Your bridesmaids are the bedrock of your wedding. From helping you pick a dress, planning the bachelorette, and calming you down during those inevitable stress meltdowns, they’re by your side from start to finish.

So, after you’ve chosen those special people who will stand up with you on your wedding day, how will you show them your appreciation and love?

Will you give them a mass-produced, cliché gift?

Hell no!

You’re more original than that.

And they deserve a gift that is as meaningful and unique as your relationship.

To help you out, I’ve gathered a list of gifts that are the perfect way to express your gratitude and love for your bridal party.

Bonus: every single one of these bridesmaid gift ideas is made in Canada!

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Customized Necklaces

Jewelry with a personal touch is a lasting way to show your bridal party how much you appreciate their support on your big day. This personalized bridesmaid necklace from Andrea Shelley Designs is a unique choice. They can wear the necklaces on your wedding day, and the quality construction ensures that they can be worn for years to come.

This necklace for bridesmaids features the Icelandic Magic symbol for love – Astarstafur – hand pressed and cast in solid sterling silver. Each necklace is also customized with the recipient’s initials and birthstone for an added personal touch.

Sterling silver necklace starts at $275

If the Astarstafur necklace seems like too grand of a gesture, A simple necklace with a tiny initial charm is a timeless and personalized gift that can be worn long after the wedding day.

Hand-Embroidered Sweatshirt

As much as your besties love you, weddings can be long and tiring days. The Femme sweatshirt from Copious Fashions is a cozy and practical gift that your bridesmaids can wear during the wedding festivities and beyond.

Your bridal party will look super cute and comfy wearing these the morning of the wedding, plus sweatshirts are a wardrobe staple so you know they’ll get loads of wear afterward as well. The sweaters can be embroidered with all of your names, or just with one name for each individual. 

The Femme sweatshirt comes in your choice of grey, charcoal, or black with 10 different colour choices for the embroidery. Pricing starts at $128 for up to three names.

Custom Name Mug

Another personalized bridesmaid gift idea is a hand-thrown mug from Valerie Daoust Ceramics. These mugs can be stamped with a name or saying specific to each person.

The perfect size to wrap your hands around, this mug will become her new favourite. They’d also be especially cute in morning of photos, sipping coffee as you all get ready together.

These handmade mugs can be customized with words, wedding colours, glazes, or more and take 6-8 weeks to complete. Pricing for mugs starts at $32 each, and is based on the size and complexity of the desired mug design.

Embroidered Pouch

Wedding days can be really long so why not help your bridal party out by giving them a wedding day survival kit in one of these hand-embroidered pouches from Em is Making.

Have the pouch embroidered with their name, the wedding date, or even an inside joke then fill it with bobby pins, lip chap, snacks, tylenol, and anything else they might need to get through the day.

The customization includes the colour of the exterior fabric, the message to embroider, and the colour of the thread for the embroidery.

Each pouch is hand stitched and made to order. $20

Other Gifts to Spoil your Bridesmaids

Ice Dyed Robes

If you’re looking for something a bit fancy for getting ready photos, you’ll love Rain and Moonwater‘s ice-dyed kimonos. Your bridesmaids will feel pampered and special while wearing them, and they’ll have a useful and beautiful keepsake to remember your wedding day.

After the big day, the kimonos can be worn as a robe around the house or they also make a beautiful bathing suit cover up.

They come in a variety of colours, so you can select the one that best matches your wedding theme or your friends’ personalities. Each kimono is hand dyed so every one is truly unique! $128

Luxe Bubble Bath

Show your besties that they deserve to relax after the wedding by gifting them an all-natural, skin-softening bubble bath from Bath Poetry.

They’ve collaborated with Canadian singer/songwriter/poet Amy Millan to offer two fragrant blends to choose from: Birdsong (sweet coconut and pink grapefruit) and Whisper (grounding palo santo, neroli, rose, and ylang-ylang). Each scent includes an original poem written by Amy, especially inspired by the experience of bathing in luxurious bubbles. One ounce of this product and your tub is filled with soft and calming bubbles.

Available in either 236 ml (8 baths) for $28 or 473 ml (16 baths) for $42

Cocktail Infusion Kits

Being a bridesmaid involves planning a lot of different events. Make hosting a breeze by gifting them a cocktail infusion kit from Maiden Voyage Cocktail Company.

All they have to do is fill the jar with spirits, let it sit for three days, then mix it into a cocktail using one of the recipes provided.

There are 9 different flavours to choose from but I suggest the Raspberry Mimosa: a delicious infusion of raspberries, pineapple, and hibiscus-infused sugar. Pairs well with parties!

Each kit makes enough spirits for 8+ servings. $28

Matching Scrunchies

Can anyone ever have too many scrunchies? My answer is no (maybe because I’m always losing mine). Outfit your bridal party with matching handmade scrunchies from Skrunchies by Kirsten & Rachel.

Treat yourself to a white satin scrunchie to match your wedding dress and choose one of your wedding colours for everyone else.

Scrunchies start at $10/ea

Trinket Trays

A trinket tray makes a cute (and practical!) bridesmaid gift and these multi-coloured squiggle trays from Blush and Bloom are just too cute. If you order 3 or more you can even choose custom colours!

These trays are a perfect catch-all on a countertop or bedside table. Each tray is hand-poured using Jesmonite, a resin composite material, and each piece is unique. $24 each

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