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THE zen master

You are chill AF – you are an expert at keeping your cool no matter what. Nothing flusters you.

Your self care game is strong. All you need is a long soak in the tub with a good book and all your worries wash away. You’re also highly practiced in appreciating and enjoying the simple things. 

When your friends are facing difficulties, they know they can come to you for sage advice. You are a calm port in any storm.

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Balancing your zen master spirit

Finding balance may be challenging for you as you prefer to avoid confrontation and struggle, opting instead for the comfort of the status quo.

Being able to focus on the big picture and striving towards a life purpose is an extremely fulfilling endeavour that shouldn’t be avoided because it’s often uncomfortable.

Make a habit of thinking about which emotions are driving your thoughts before you make big decisions. Recognizing when you’re acting from a place of fear and resistance to change will allow you to lean into the discomfort to accomplish some very big things.

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Laguz represents the life giving force of water.

Your power lies in your mindfulness and intuition – the ability to allow yourself to be influenced by feeling rather than reason. Remember however that certain feelings, such as fear, can steer us off course.

Wear this rune to support this steady connection and let the guiding current of the universe take over.

While you’re in flow, your spirit is calm and you can recognize when you’re being misguided.

Thyme embodies stillness, calm and tranquility. It creates a state of active tranquility – lifting the spirits while calming the mind. 

Wear this token to support your calm nature when you’re facing added stresses. 

Keep in mind however that serenity comes not by avoiding adversities, but by learning how to weather the storms. Sometimes you need to face uncomfortable situations in order to move past them.

With acceptance, you will find peace.

Worn as a talisman, the Vegvísir Necklace will help you focus on your direction in life.

Wear this to remind you that, although relaxation is key to a happy life, you also need drive to get you where you want to go.

Vegvísir will point you in the right direction so that you can recognize when fear is trying to turn you around back into yourself.

Get out there and push some boundaries.