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THE visionary

Big picture thinking is your forté and putting plans into action is your raison d’être.

If there’s a task that needs to be done, everyone knows they can count on you to be the driving force to the finish line.

While you are an expert multi-tasker, you can also turn on your laser focus to sit for hours and puzzle out an answer to a problem. Creative and innovative, you love discovering solutions that are outside the box.

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Balancing your visionary spirit

Finding balance may be challenging for you as you prefer to be in control of every situation.

Finding it hard to shut off, Visionaries tend to over-think. This problem-solving nature leaves Visionaries prone to anxiety and frustration as not every problem has a solution.

Make a habit of taking time each day to clear your brain and do some deep breathing. You’ll find that some of the best ideas come to you when your mind is relaxed and at ease.

Recommended for you

Rosemary stands for memory, clarity and consciousness. Its aromatic fragrance improves retention and recall of facts.

Your power lies in your ability think your way through complex problems. This token will support you during periods of intense mental activity.

Clarity of mind brings new levels of knowledge and consciousness. You are capable of infinite expansion.

Dagaz is the day – the light of the gods and divine inspiration. 

There are no limits to what you can accomplish except the limitations of your own thinking. 

Use this rune to fill your life with warmth and illumination, driving anxiety from your mind and leaving you open to new ideas.

Flashes of insight will appear as you learn to enjoy the simple beauty of existence.

Laguz represents the life giving force of water.

Wear this rune to remind you to occasionally relinquish control and let the guiding current of the universe take over.

From this flow comes a calming of the spirit, allowing the release of stress and frustrations. 

By pausing the constant stream of thought, you may find you end up in the exact destination you were looking for.