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The nurturer

Always leading with your heart, you are a beacon of love and encouragement. 

You thrive most when caring for others – helping them through difficult times and celebrating their accomplishments.

Acutely concerned of the safety and happiness of those around you, you have a fiercely protective spirit and find fulfilment in shielding those around you from the dangers and discomforts of the world.

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Nurturer traits







Balancing your nurturing spirit

Finding balance may be challenging for you as Nurturers tend to prioritize the needs of others over their own.

This self-sacrificing nature leaves Nurturers more prone to burn out and overwhelm.

Make sure to implement a self-care routine that includes plenty of me-time for you to rest and recharge.

Create a habit of doing something every week that is just for you. At first your instincts may resist this selfishness but with time it will allow you to give back even more.

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Worn as a talisman, the Astarstafur Necklace is a constant reminder that love can overcome any obstacle.

Your power lies in the love you put into your every action and the care you take in your relationships with others. Remember however that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Protect your nurturing spirit by using Astarstafur to attract just as much love as you give.

Uruz is the mother of manifestation – a shaping power that defines the origin and destiny of all things. 

As someone who is often caring for others, you may ignore signals that it’s time to focus on your own well being.

Wear this rune to boost your mental and physical health so that you can be a pillar of strength for those who need you.

The Birch tree is a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and diligence.

After a wildfire has devastated the forest, the birch tree is the first to re-emerge as a white glimmer of hope among the ashes. Her ethereal bark is used to heal wounds and ease burns.

As you tend to others, you may find you carry their pain for them. Keep the symbol of Birch with you as a balm to soothe their pain, and your own.