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Always on the go, life is for living and you’re living every moment of it!

Thriving in social situations, your circle of friends is wide and varied so you always have someone to join you in your wild adventures.

You’re the life of the party – your energy is infectious.  Free from worries, your motto is to lighten up and enjoy life, and you help everyone around you do just that. 

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Go-Getter traits







Balancing your Go-getter spirit

Finding balance may be challenging for you as you’re always on the go and rarely take time to slow down and reflect.

Living life in constant motion can make it difficult to focus on the bigger picture. This excitable nature leaves Go-Getters prone to distraction and temptation.

Make a habit of evaluating your goals periodically to ensure that your actions are pushing you in the right direction. Your fun-loving nature may find planning boring, but the satisfaction you get from achieving your goals will be well worth it.

Recommended for you

Worn as a talisman, the Vegvísir Necklace will help you focus on your direction in life.

Your power lies in your adventurous spirit and thirst for life. Remember however that a life without purpose can leave you unfulfilled and constantly seeking more excitement.  

Your unfailing optimism and boundless energy keep you moving forward and Vegvísir will point you in the right direction.

Mannaz is the power of intelligence and rational thought – free from emotional influence.

Keep this rune with you to achieve balance and increase your inner perception so you’re better able to sense when it’s time to slow down and rest.

This calm and clarity will help you reserve your energy for the things that truly push you towards the life you want. 

Thyme embodies stillness, calm and tranquility. It creates a state of active tranquility – lifting the spirits while calming the mind. 

Wear this token to help calm your energetic nature when you need to focus on the big picture issues – especially when you feel yourself seeking distraction from problems.

Serenity comes not by avoiding adversities, but by learning how to weather the storms.