Living Jewelry: Sasha Alexander

In this edition of Living Jewelry, I have Sasha Alexander of Little Lone Wolf

I came across Sasha’s Instagram last year and became totally obsessed with her crystal collection. Seriously, it’s epic. After chatting a bit with her, she agreed to answer a few jewelry questions for me – yay!

Hi Sasha, welcome! Can you introduce yourself?

Yeah, hi! 

My name is Sasha and I’ve lived an unconventional life. I’ve been a bit of a nomad, moving across the United States, and not living anywhere for more than a year at a time. I currently reside on the east coast in North Carolina where I live with my five dogs. I work full time as a habilitation therapist, helping children with disabilities to develop skills and live full independent lives. 

Sterling silver rune jewelry displayed on a stack of tarot cards.
Featured: Futhark Rune ring, earrings, and necklace

How would you describe your style? 

My overall style is a bit eclectic. I love to mix in a bit of everything, but anything grunge or “witchy” is my favourite. Black is a staple with accents of dark red, purple, and green. I love finding new pieces to add to my collection along with creating pieces of my own. 

How does jewelry fit into that? Is it important or an afterthought?

I would say that jewelry is important to me. I connect deeply with the pieces that I own and wear. 

Being able to carry a certain crystal necklace with me, say to work, can help calm my anxiety and build my confidence. 

sterling meaningful rune jewelry
Featured: Futhark Rune ring, earrings, and necklace, pieces from her own collection

Everyday I put on a crystal point necklace when I first get up. Either an amethyst, goldstone, or clear quartz pendant. I like the idea of wearing a crystal throughout the day so I can draw on its energies when needed. 

I know you work with a lot of crystals, as I mentioned, your collection is very extensive (I’m only a little jealous, really). Which crystal are you drawn to the most often?

I tend to rotate between three main pieces of jewelry throughout the week. I like to wear a special amethyst point that is wrapped with these gorgeous little silver flowers because it’s one of the first pieces of crystal jewelry I bought for myself a few years ago. 

When I’m out and about I like to wear a macrame wrapped black obsidian point to ward off negative energy and I also wear a small tigers eye crystal when I go to work for abundance and to draw in prosperity.

Oh I love that! You’re building a connection with these pieces so they’ve become much more than accessories. 

Yes, I love to use jewelry in my Wiccan practice as a way to connect with the energy of the pieces. I enchant, bless, and charge my jewelry along with wearing pieces during rituals and meditations.

living jewelry sasha wearing rune jewelry
Featured: Futhark Rune ring, earrings, and necklace, pieces from her own collection

Can you share some of your favourite rituals to work with your jewelry?


When I bring any new jewelry home, the first thing I do is place it on my altar as a way to align it to my energy.

If its energy feels stagnant, I bury it in a bowl of herbs specific to the energy I want to infuse into it, or keep it near specific crystals such as clear quartz and selenite to charge. To cleanse the energy of my jewelry I use smoke from burning incense or handmade smudge sticks. 

I also bless and enchant certain pieces, mostly for protection work, by using simple incantations while burning a candle and asking for help from the Goddess, Elements, and my guides. 

smudging to cleanse jewelry
Featured: Tar Necklace, pieces from her own collection
living jewelry sasha smudging
Featured: Tar Necklace, pieces from her own collection

Does working so closely with your jewelry and building those energies and connections alter your relationship with jewelry in general?  

I have an interesting relationship with jewelry. I don’t wear most of my pieces that often as I have my favorites I tend to favor – maybe because I spend more time with them. I feel especially connected to my crystal jewelry, as each piece has its own energy and characteristics which resonate with me. 

I do love wearing different pieces for special occasions like dinner parties or events. 

living jewelry sasha picking flower
Featured: Futhark Rune ring, pieces from her own collection

It sounds like your jewelry collection is like a group of friends. There are some you’re closer to and want to spend time with every day, the ones who know all your secrets. But you have a few that you only see occasionally and they’re still fun.

Haha, yeah I guess you could put it that way!

If your jewelry told a story, what would it say?

Now that’s a hard question to answer, but I think that my jewelry says that it has been through a lot. It’s travelled across America with me. Some pieces I’ve had since the beginning, in California where I grew up, and some I just acquired recently in North Carolina at a local metaphysical shop. 

I think that speaks to the nomadic lifestyle I’ve lived and all the adventures I’ve had along the way. 

living jewelry sasha bouquet

So I keep noticing this large turquoise pendant you’re wearing, that piece seems special. Is there a story there?

Actually, yes! 

I received this vintage turquoise pendant from my mother who got it from her mother after she passed away when I was a teenager. My grandmother bought the pendant from a Native American woman in Arizona years ago, and the piece just has a beautiful energy attached to it. 

When I wear that pendant I feel connected to my grandmother and it brings me a lot of comfort and peace.

That’s something I hear over and over – that jewelry connects people to something meaningful – moments or people. No matter how many times I hear those stories, they never stop giving me goosebumps. 

living jewelry sasha meaningful
Featured: Futhark Rune ring, pieces from her own collection

Because you connect to your jewelry so deeply, how do you decide which pieces to add to your collection?

I look for pieces that call to me, something that I feel drawn to, and an energy that I can connect with. I think the energy of a piece that I will be wearing is the most important thing I look for when deciding what to buy. 

That’s a really great way to shop. It stops you from making impulse purchases entirely based on trends or price.

Exactly! I’d rather spend a little more on a piece that resonates with me because then I know I’ll actually wear it.

Perfect! Well thanks so much for the chat. I’m telling everyone to follow you on instagram and check out all your gorgeous crystals.


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