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I’m really excited to have Emily on the blog today. Emily came by my table during my first One of a Kind show in Toronto. I helped her choose a pair of earrings to suit her busy student lifestyle and she came back to the next show to buy another pair to celebrate her graduation.

She is such a great supporter of independent artisans – posting wonderful pictures of her newest finds and showcasing talented brands in her blog That Creative Lifestyle. But today we are turning the tables a bit and having her talk about herself and just how she manages to be so damn stylish.

Emily, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Oh gosh I always struggle with what to talk about! Let’s see here – I am a Toronto based content creator specializing in photography, digital design and copywriting. I absolutely love capturing memories for myself and others and never leave my house without my good ol Nikon.

I have to admit I’m rather jealous of that. I’m constantly forgetting my camera, even on vacations. I think I rely on my smartphone too much.

I mean with the right lighting, sometimes a smartphone can do just the trick too! Not always great for close-ups but a quick flat lay for sure! Ring-clad hand holding a breezer on the beach, little bit of sand, and the ocean backdrop – bam!

Emily Rowsell Nikon Camera with Andrea Shelley bubble ring
Featured: Bubble ring

How would you describe your style?

I’d say it’s pretty Parisian/thrifty/boho – I mean I draw a lot of my inspiration from European fashion because I love the simplicity and elegance associated with Parisian women. Give me a pair of boyfriend jeans, worn in booties and a linen blouse and I’m a happy camper! Oh and of course my stone and silver jewelry!

I don’t think anybody does effortless chic quite like the French. They make it look so easy!

Emily Rowsell modeling Andrea Shelley Jewelry
Featured: Medallion cuff earrings, Poppy pearl earrings, Twist Bracelet, Bubble ring, Twist ring

How does jewelry fit into your pared back styling?

I’m very selective in what I wear in a day so there has to be a reason certain pieces find their way into my daily outfit.

Every piece has a purpose.

Yes! I associate my jewelry with a lot of positive memories just because a lot of it is commemorative or was purchased in a purposeful way. My promise ring, my Andrea Shelley pearl floral earrings celebrating my graduation, my turquoise ring for protection – everything has a meaning.

Emily Rowsell holding medallion cuff sterling silver earrings
Featured: Medallion cuff earrings, twist ring

So because you are so selective, you don’t have to feel limited by having less.

Right! Because most of my pieces are from smaller artisans or sentimental gifts, I truly value the select pieces I have.

I love that. I think it’s important to choose meaningful pieces so we don’t constantly crave the excitement of something new.

So, you’ve said that your jewelry holds a lot of meaning to you – how do you feel when you put it on each day?

Have you seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada? You know the scene where Andy gets a make-over by Nigel and we see her debut leaning on the car as her boyfriend does a double take? That moment where she feels like a complete and total bad a** and put together? That is how I feel. I love throwing on one of my signature silver rings and statement pendant because I feel edgy and confident every time I do!

Oh yessss! Just oozing confidence!

Emily Rowsell for Andrea Shelley Designs
Featured: Medallion cuff earrings, Poppy pearl earrings, Twist Bracelet, Bubble ring, Twist ring

What is the most important factor when buying jewelry?

Longevity! Is that a term people use for jewelry? I am always on the move whether that be hiking for the best engagement photo spots or exploring with my boyfriend or decorating and redecorating the house so I need jewelry that can withstand my busy lifestyle:)

Quality becomes super important when you’re buying meaningfully as you become emotionally attached to the pieces. You don’t want it to fall apart.

Absolutely! I had this leather bracelet that one of my best friends has gotten for me for my 13th birthday and I never took that thing off. It was so simple and had my name carved into it, but I absolutely loved it because it was a genuine gift from someone who knew me and my tastes! Back to the point of that story, I remember the day the fastener on it no longer worked and I couldn’t wear it anymore – I was so sad! You just get used to certain pieces, you know?

Absolutely, they become a part of you and your identity. Like a little piece of you goes missing when it’s lost or broken.

Emily Rowsell for Andrea Shelley
Featured: Medallion cuff earrings, Poppy pearl earrings, twist ring, bubble ring

Okay last question… I know you are super minimal when it comes to purchases but is there any particular piece of jewelry on your wish list?

Simple silver bracelets! I’ve been on the hunt for a simple daily piece. I mean I did have this little lotus flower one but the poor clasp snapped off one day so I’m keeping my eye out for my new daily wear. I’m thinking the Twist bracelet might be the one!

Twist bangle and stacking rings on rose quartz
Featured: Twist bangle, Twist ring, Bubble ring

Good to hear the hunt is over! Thanks so much for being here.

It was fun!

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