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Cody Paige living jewelry article.
Featured: Cherry blossom ring in gold plate, Bubble ring and Dot ring

Very happy to introduce another instalment to the Living Jewelry series: Cody Paige!

Cody is an Engineer working in the Aeronautics and Astronautics program at MIT helping to design a new space suit – which is an extremely cool job btw.

I’ve known Cody since junior high – which is more than 20 years ago now (whoa!). I’ve seen her evolve from the ultra chic style of Lipsmackers on a cord necklaces to her thoughtfully curated, eclectic collection of today.

Her creativity and enthusiasm for learning are a constant inspiration and I am super excited that she’s made some time to chat with me today.

Hi Cody! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Well, I’m a little bit of everything! I love school, starting degree number 4 soon, anything to do with space gets me all fired up. But I also have an artistic side. I paint and sew and bake and love to do things with my hands (I guess that’s why I’m an engineer!). I’m also a bit of a nomad, my dog and I have done many a road trip together, and I’ve travelled all over the world.

Cody and her dog Maverick.
Featured: Dot ring, custom made Fish Bowl quartz ring and Maverick the dog.

Would you say your world travel has inspired your style?

Yeah, I think I’m a bit of a modern day hippie. I love comfortable clothing, but I like what I wear to say something about me too. Because I sew, I’m always looking for clothing that inspires me, something unique that will add to my collection.

What is the most important factor when buying jewelry?

Before I buy a piece of jewelry it needs to speak to me. I need to picture myself wearing it in specific scenarios and feeling specific ways.

That’s amazing. You don’t buy for what it looks like but how it makes you feel.

Exactly! I think when you see a piece that fits you perfectly, it jumps out at you! I need my jewelry to tell me to buy it, it needs to have a voice!

Hand full of rings holding plant pot
Featured: Cherry blossom ring, Bubble ring

How do you decide what jewelry to wear each day?

I usually match what jewelry I wear to the way I’m feeling rather than what I’m wearing. I’ll have a necklace where every time I put it on I feel delicate and sweet. Or a set of rings that make me feel edgy and brave. I like that jewelry can change even the way you use your hands. It sets the mood!

Absolutely! Sometimes on a bad day I’ll “dress up” so I feel a bit better. Put on that little extra something to get me through the day.

Same! When I want to feel classy I pop on my rose gold collection and feel like I could go to a gala. When I’m in the mood to make a new spray-painting, I put on my big silver pieces, something that makes me feel creative.

So your jewelry gives you super powers. I love that!

Yes! Next on the agenda is to join the Avengers…

Cody Paige's Living Jewelry Collection
Featured: Poppy Pearl Necklace

Why do you think you have such an emotional connection to your jewelry?

Jewelry to me tells a story. Not just outwardly but for yourself as well.

My jewelry would tell a story of travel and a story of emotions. I have one from New Zealand that tells an old love story. I have a ring from Poland of my first solo travelling trip. I have a bracelet from when I finished a gruelling Masters degree.

I also have some pieces from my grandmother, she had a wonderful collection of jewelry and owning some of her rings makes me feel connected to her.

I think it’s wonderful that jewelry can be passed down through generations, becoming a part of the family history. Jewelry can be our link to people, places, memories.

Cody's collection of family heirloom jewelry.
Featured: Cody’s collection of heirloom jewelry from her family.

Have you ever bought jewelry for yourself to represent a connection to a person or memory?

Yes, I often collect pieces for that specific purpose. I have a small dog charm that looks just like my dog and he hangs out on a long chain around my neck. That way I always have my pup with me. Next to him on the chain is a small charm I got in Israel this year. My sisters and I all have the same one so that connects us together.

What do you think will be the next items you’ll buy yourself?

I love having complete sets of things, it makes it feel so put together when I wear it. I recently got the rose gold poppy necklace along with some rose gold stacker rings. Now of course I desperately want the matching earrings!

They’re calling to you then are they?

Absolutely, I can hear them singing my name!

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