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I’m super excited to announce that I’ve started a new series featuring real women who wear my jewelry. I’ve always loved hearing the stories of how jewelry can evoke such strong emotions and become a part of your life. Now I’m sharing those stories with you!

First up is Jen, a UX designer and caffeine enthusiast from Berlin. I’ve been close friends with Jen ever since we worked at the same company back in Winnipeg and bonded over our mutual social awkwardness.

Jen, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a User Experience Designer, living in Berlin, Germany. I moved here a few months ago with my partner, Quinn, to try something new for a few years. When I’m not on the computer I like to draw, drink coffee, and bake bread.

Drinking coffee can be a hobby.

I wholeheartedly agree!

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How would you describe your style?

My style is simple, functional, and comfortable. I want to look like me — that sounded better in my head — nothing more, nothing less. I don’t want to stand out, but I want to look put together.

What is your go-to jewelry “look”?

A pair of earrings and a ring and I’m set. Earrings are my go-to. I like something that’s a single material, has a little bit of shine, and is a simple shape. I wear glasses and have long hair, so I want the earrings to complement, blend in, but add just a little bit of shine.

I tend to cycle through the same few pairs of earrings, selecting a pair based on my outfit that day. My gold earrings, the birthstone earrings, and my silver disc studs are the current ones on rotation. I lost one of the silver disc earrings recently and immediately ordered a replacement!

That said rings have started to grow on me in the last year. Admittedly part of the reason I wear a ring or bracelet is to fiddle with it. My ring spends as much time off my finger as it does on over the course of a day.

Living Jewelry Jen Goertzen gold earrings
Featured: Gold earrings from Jen’s own collection.

You just moved across the world, did that change your relationship with jewelry?

Lately jewelry is more important to me because I had to pack up my entire life. We left a lot of things behind and what we brought along lived in luggage for three months. But I was able to bring all of my jewelry along with me — so now each piece feels like a piece of home.

There’s one pair of gold earrings that I have worn multiple times a week for close to ten years. I found them at a market in Winnipeg, made by a local maker, and fell in love instantly with the simple shape and subtle shine. When I wear them, I feel like me. Doesn’t matter where I am, wearing familiar pieces makes it feel like any other day.

I think I’ve worn them to almost every single job interview I’ve had since I bought them.

In this way jewelry means more ways to express myself with less. I didn’t bring a lot of clothing, but with my jewelry I don’t feel like I downsized my wardrobe. It also makes my outfits feel more complete, more intentional.

I love this! More with less. That’s really great that the right piece of jewelry can change a whole outfit!

Cube necklace and twist sterling bracelet styled.
Featured: Custom designed necklace, Nebula necklace, Twist bracelet.

Okay so, a couple years ago, I made a very special piece for you… not to shamelessly self-promote, but can we talk about that for a bit? Because I really love that piece.

Yeah, almost two years ago now! There was a big accomplishment in my life that I wanted to commemorate in some way. I wanted something like a totem to remind me of the event on a daily basis. Talking to others, I decided a piece of jewelry would fit the best since it could be worn and I could keep it close to me. But it could also be subtle and wouldn’t draw attention.

Yes, I know you didn’t want to constantly have to explain it.

Exactly! You and I had a chat about what I was looking for and you came up with an absolutely perfect design – a white gold bar engraved with the date. The simplicity and little bit of shine of it suits my style. The necklace also fits in with my other jewelry so it doesn’t stand out as unusual when I wear it. I can wear it any day or everyday and when I look in the mirror it gives me a small nudge of confidence.

Oh that really makes me so happy, that’s amazing.

I love that we add a teeny diamond each year as a reminder of time passed. The necklace will continue to evolve as I grow. I love that my totem changes with me. Because no accomplishment happens in isolation and they continually change us.

So true! I love that too because I get to see the piece every year. It comes home for a little visit.

Living Jewelry Jen Goertzen custom Andrea Shelley Designs Jewelry
Featured: Jen’s custom designed white gold bar necklace.

Okay, last question then I promise I’ll let you go because you are a very busy woman! Tell me, what jewelry are you lusting after right now?

I’m lusting after how amazing people look with giant statement earrings. But I’m not sure I could pull them off… Like I said, I’m still figuring out how to pair jewelry with outfits.

Oh my gosh I am the same way with red lipstick. I love the look but feel SO uncomfortable when I try it, hahaha. Baby steps.

Yes, absolutely.

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Featured: Jen’s jewelry collection can be seen here.

Well thanks Jen for sharing with us! And I can’t wait to have your necklace back in for another diamond.

Hahaha, that’s coming up soon! Bye!

You can see and shop Jen’s jewelry collection here.

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