Custom Engagement Ring : Shea & Joss

Shea and Joss have got to be one of the sweetest couples I’ve had the pleasure to design a custom engagement ring for.  They’ve agreed to be my first feature for a new series focused on the stories behind the custom jewelry pieces I’ve made.

They’re here to share their engagement story.

ANDREA: So first off, I want to share the story… you know the one, the FAKE proposal story.

SHEA: Yeaaahhhh. We were on a trip visiting family and somehow I thought it would be really funny to jokingly propose with a giant inflatable ring. Booze may have been involved.

JOSS: So he grabs this thing and he gets down on one knee and proposes that we “go on a float down the river”. I’m playing along when someone snaps a photo to post to Instagram. I knew he was joking, everyone there knew he was joking, but once people saw the photo online, the congratulations started rolling in.

The fake engagement ring

SHEA: Turns out, after dating for 10 years, a fake proposal isn’t funny.

ANDREA: So you kind of had to do it really right after that one. No inflatables of any kind.

SHEA: Right.

ANDREA: I have to say I was so excited to get the message that we were designing a custom engagement ring for Joss. I had so many ideas! But the situation was a bit bizarre because you had to be extra sneaky about it in case her radar was still up. We couldn’t even find a time for a video chat so I had to record myself talking about the designs and send that over. 

SHEA: Those videos were awesome. You explained each design and how it suited her personality – the different options were killer! It was great having the videos to watch again as I decided too.

ANDREA: I was super happy that you chose the sapphire design. It really was my favourite. Joss, what did you think of Shea’s choice?

Custom designed asymmetrical montana sapphire engagement ring
Custom designed asymmetrical Montana sapphire engagement ring.

JOSS: I was shocked at how unique and beautiful it was! I never pointed out engagement rings to him so I was very surprised and excited when I saw it. The different tones of the sapphires really blew me away and it made it even more special that he got it custom made for me. 

ANDREA: How does it feel now that you’ve been wearing it for a while?

JOSS: I think it suits me really well. It’s simple, unique, designed by a local maker / good friend, and the design is so nice! I love its asymmetrical shape and the sapphires. I work with stained glass and you can really see some influence of that style in the design too. 

I also really appreciate the thickness of the band. I use my hands a lot and have bent many rings over the years but this one is built so strong! I don’t think that it will ever bend. 

ANDREA: Made to last, just like you two (sappy moment).

Asymmetrical Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring Custom Made
A range of different shades and shapes of Montana sapphires make this custom white gold engagement ring really unique.

Shea, I’m going to circle back to you. Any comments about the custom design process?

SHEA: It was actually very smooth and easy. The design was exactly what I asked for and you really went above and beyond with the sneakiness to get her ring size too.

ANDREA: Yes that was an adventure. I didn’t think the ruse was very elaborate — telling her that I’m user testing my ring sizing chart — I figured for sure she’d be on to us. Joss, did you suspect anything?

JOSS: No, it was a total surprise!

ANDREA: That’s so great! So… after hearing the fake proposal story, I think we all want to hear the real one!

The real proposal.
The real proposal.

JOSS: It was a very memorable day for me because it was my 29th birthday, we were leaving for Tokyo the next day (there was a hurricane happening there at the time), and we also had a massive October snowstorm in Winnipeg. All the trees still had leaves on them and we got a lot of really wet heavy snow that came down and all the trees were breaking because of the weight. There were massive tree branches everywhere! 

ANDREA: With so much going on it’s no wonder you weren’t thinking about anything else.

JOSS: Exactly! That evening after we just hid from the storm and ate dinner at our home together, he got down on one knee and asked. I was not expecting it at all! He got me to close my eyes and I was expecting some kind of joke birthday gift because he’s a really funny man. 

ANDREA: Yes he has a history of joking around a little.

JOSS: Part of his charm! But it was real this time.

SHEA: Yep. I think she’s the one!

ANDREA: Oh geeze. Okay you two, anything else to add?

Ethical Montana sapphire custom engagement ring
She said yes to this custom Montana sapphire engagement ring!

JOSS: Just that I get tons of compliments on my ring! It gives me an excuse to brag about how great my fiancé is and how talented my friend is who designed it!

ANDREA: Awww, thanks!

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